Youth Club

We got to know Todd, the Youth Club manager, through stationing ourselves at the estate’s community centre, and arranged with him to run a tote bag design workshop with the youth club, over two sessions. The outcomes we expected from these workshops were for young people to not only come away with their own customised tote bag, but for their designs to have the double function of being incorporated into the background motif of the artwork for the wall. We started with some specific visual inspiration, to try and steer the themes of the designs, but we found it difficult to try and keep to this plan, as most kids just wanted to design things that were interesting to them (amateur wrestling, a Korean pop group, star wars, California, anime). So we ended up changing the direction of the workshops and adapting, and through letting them create designs that were interesting to them, the process of <em>making</em> actually became a really useful conduit through which we got to know the kids and their interests. By the second session, we were then able to have much more meaningful conversations with them about the estate, their perceptions of it, their own lives, and how they felt the project could impact them.

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