Through setting up the 3D scanning station at Ty Llywelyn community centre, we met Shaun, the chef at the centre’s kitchen. He saw how the scanning worked and came up with the idea to 3D scan ingredients and elements of his dishes, which he could then assemble in a 3D modelling programme, without having to re-make and spend money on each element every time he wanted to experiment with a new dish. He is building an inventory of digital ingredients, which he can use in different dishes, and to share with people he is teaching to make those dishes.

Shaun is learning the skills needed to 3D scan ingredients, import files and work with them in the modelling programme. We are working on building this inventory of ingredients now, and have the first 3 elements scanned. Many of the ingredients come directly from Tre Cwm’s community garden. Shaun thinks that highlighting this relationship between the kitchen, the garden, and eventually the wall artwork will in turn create a more positive perception of the estate.

3D render of vegetables