Scifi Novel

Tre Cwm: Distant Tomorrow is a science fiction novel about the estate as it will be 300 years from now. The author, a young person and resident of the estate, had a launch and book signing during the outdoor screening of The Wall Is ___ film. He's also used his experiences in this project, to apply for and be accepted onto a local college course for TV & Film Production.

An excerpt from the book: 'We recognise the people who rose up against Margaret Thatcher, who once said 'there is no such thing as society.' Thanks to their uprising, the first-ever Terran revolution took place, the collective was born, the great alliance was established, and the entire Tre Cwm estate became a society as a result, the society that she claimed did not exist.

We have now become an Open Alliance, which means there is no one person in charge - anyone from the public can directly participate in deciding the Alliance’s direction. This was made possible by huge leaps in communication technology - it is so advanced now that everyone is able to make totally collective decisions instantaneously, as everyone knows what everyone else is thinking, at exactly the same time.'