Handing Over A Platform

An opportunity for Kristin to give an artist’s talk at Mostyn Gallery was handed over to Tre Cwm residents, with the understanding that residents would be the experts in representing their community and speaking for themselves.

Planning this event was challenging, in that it was making quite a significant demand on residents, and required individual planning meetings with each of them. Speaking publicly in a relatively unfamiliar environment is also not something everyone wants to volunteer for. In the end, Carloyn, Elisha, and Shaun presented, and one resident, John, was in the audience, who had given Kristin permission to speak on behalf of him as he was uncomfortable with public speaking. He also contributed from the audience.

Presenters covered a wide range of topics, from the story of Ty Llywelyn to the geology under Tre Cwm, to the community kitchen, to the Nature Walk up Cwm Mountain.

The event generated discussion amongst the audience about The Wall Is ______ project itself, how the wider community could get more involved, and what kind other of cross-organisational and cross-community activities could occur in subsequent events like this one.