We want to know what you think about Tre Cwm and the project. Please click this link and spend about 6 minutes completing the form. If you want to complete the form in Welsh, you will find a link in the survey introduction. As a thank you for your time, we will make a prize draw from the responses: shopping vouchers worth £30, £15 and £10. 

‘…I think you are absolutely right, the evaluation framework as it stands needs to be clarified and refined and you need to be sure you can measure, document or assess whatever you say you are going to do – measuring is not always the right term, I think, in projects of this nature. I think it is important to remember that you are not (at least I don’t think you are!) social scientists and you certainly don’t have the resources of a large-scale academic research project). If you did, you might like to do all kinds of things to evaluate the project, but you need to be realistic – what can you achieve and how will it be useful to you, the residents of Tre Cwm and the Housing Association…’

Gerri Moriarty, Arts Consultant

Poster installed at Ty Llywelyn inviting residents and visitors to post their ideas for the artwork for the wall.

We played 'Feedback Bingo' with residents and non-residents during one of Ty Llyweyn's Friday Bingo Lunches, replacing standard bingo sheets with ones that related to the wall artwork and perceptions of Tre Cwm Estate.

People who spent time around the van during our van days could respond to questions about the estate with magnetic letters and emojis.

‘…Impact is change at a societal level and usually requires many actions by many organisations and individuals. By their nature, most arts projects and arts organisations contribute to or support impact, they are not responsible for causing it. CALL’s project can hope to contribute to addressing social exclusion, division and social isolation, but it will not, by and of itself bring it about. An outcome, on the other hand, does describe how you hope to change the situation of the group you are working with…’

Gerri Moriarty, Arts Consultant
Different forms of feedback gathered after a public presentation at Mostyn Gallery.